East & West Africa


East & West Africa

This Special Interest Group covers Botswana, Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, Magnolia, South Africa - Mafeking - Tanzania, UK Uganga and Scouts Against Malaria.
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Watch Kent Scout's Ghana18 Scouts Against Malaria Project video

Tanzania 01

Biggest news for the expedition is the flights are now booked, and all transportation arrangements in Tanzania made! We’re 8 months from departure now, and can’t wait to get to Mto Wa Mbu and start our building project. As a reminder, we’re aiming to build two classrooms for St. Jude’s school, helping to convert a nursery school into a primary school.


Project Africa is a Berkshire Scouts global awareness programme and was launched in 2010. Since the start of the project there have been recce’s and 2 project visits (2011 & 2015) to Uganda. Plans are now underway to visit Uganda again in 2019.


A few weeks ago AWB shipped by air cargo a 312kgs load of donated goods to Entebbe, Uganda on route to Mityani, a town about two hours drive to the west of the airport. Carolyn Taylor first visited the area in 2000 as a Scout Leader and Public Health Nurse and, wishing to help the local community and support their development, in 2007 started the Mityana Community Development Foundation of which she is now Chair of the trustees.

Uganda 01 

All had to come to an end eventually, after all of the bumpy car journeys traveling Uganda, it was time to come home. Usually after this long I think I would have been ready to come home, but as we were loading our 19 bags into the vans there was defiantly something inside me wanting to stay. Even though I have struggled with eating the food, and pretty much whatever I ate was making me ill I really wanted to stay; I wanted to stay in a country where everyone is so friendly, accepting and welcoming. I stopped and thought to myself, how many people can say that when they come to England.


In June three expedition leaders spent 2 weeks in Tanzania to get organised for the trip next year. It was incredibly successful, and none of us wanted to come home again! We spent a lot of time arranging the building project, discussing camping arrangements, checking we could feed everybody, along with sorting vehicles, rest days and the relaxation period. We were really pleased with the progress made and can’t wait to go back next year.

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