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The ultimate adventure for Explorer Scouts! 

Madagascar 2019 will challenge you: to explore the world, to build international friendships, to contribute to international development and to immerse yourself in a different culture.

We will spend three weeks in Madagascar in the summer of 2019 to undertake a major development project and explore some of the beautiful and unique country. The project will be building the early stages of a national centre for Scouting in Madagascar; the vision is for a Gilwell of Madagascar! This will help Malagasy Scouting to make more impact across the country with its water and sanitation training programmes and education regarding environmental protection  and will offer more opportunities to young people in Madagascar to benefit from Scouting. We will be working together with Malagasy Scouts throughout the expedition, so providing a unique opportunity to make new friends and learn about a new culture.

Read more at www.scoutexped.org.uk/mad19/


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