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ISSU Team members and SIG’S Coordinators. We will be meeting on 2 March 2019 in The White House at Gilwell Park. I invite your thoughts as to input for the meeting, what should be included in the Agenda and your anticipations of outcome from the day.

Since we met last year, we have seen changes outlined by Jack and subsequent effect relative to support of International work within the UK Scout Association. This was followed by our greater involvement in the Gilwell Reunion and other international activities, projects and events due to the closure of the International Department and incorporation within programmes and events managed by Gilwell Staff.

With the pending appointment of a new International Commissioner we will no doubt experience further changes which will influence our work and support as volunteers within the ISSU team and our Special Interest Groups(SIG’s).

So what are your wishes and thoughts and those of your members for the future?

I will similarly be inviting the other members of George’s team for their input. George’s Line Manage – Gyles Wren – will be joining us on the day. I also understand that the Badges Club are meeting in the Lid whilst we are at Gilwell.

Due to limited accommodation George, Steve and myself have chosen to stay at the Premier Inn, Waltham Abbey on the Friday evening and I have a further reservation available (double room) should anyone wish to join us – please advise asap.

Response within 7- 10 days would be appreciated.

Sue Corbin is finalizing our next newsletter to be circulated shortly.

Happy New Year to you all.



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