How to respond to the ongoing refugee crisis: tips, practical advice and support available for members of Scouting.

With the clearing of ‘The Jungle’ refugee camp in Calais, and the numerous reports of those struggling to escape conflict and start new lives in the UK, it is sometimes difficult to know the most practical way we can help.

Proud to help other people

Scouting has a long history of supporting young people in need from other countries, particularly in the period leading up to, and during, the Second World War. Many of those who came to the UK in fear for their lives have never forgotten the genuine warmth of the welcome they received from Scouting.


What this means to us as Scouts

Scouting is a worldwide Movement, and it may well be that some young refugees already have experience of the Movement in their home country. These young people often just need friendly and reassuring contact with others of their own age. This is not something they necessarily get through the official system, which focusses on formal processes.

However, this vital, peer-to-peer contact is well within our scope as Scouts, and we believe it is our duty to offer this where we can. Our founder, Robert Baden-Powell, famously said: ‘A Scout is a friend to all.’

We believe that we have a responsibility to offer simple assistance to refugees, where this is within our capabilities, and we should not wait to be asked.

Tim Kidd, UK Chief Commissioner, and Jack Maxton, International Commissioner.

For more information, practical advice and details of the support available visit News and Blogs 27/10/2016

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