Part of a report from Daventry Distinct on their travel to Kandersteg from Shaun Macken, their expedition leader.

They decided to travel by train from London, with an overnight stay in Paris en route.

“Just a follow up from our trip to KISC. It was of course brilliant and amazing experience. Here’s our advice for those Explorers, or older, travelling by train or to KISC for a full on adventurous week.

“Trains - STC [in London] were brilliant and most cost effective. ALWAYS book the Eurostar continuation tickets to Strasbourg through them. A mistake we made was booking Eurostar in isolation, but they helped correct that for us. The reservation system works well – talk to the rail staff prior to trains arriving.
Transfer times were adequate but don’t leave to one person to manage. Be very wary about letting YP go to shops etc. Stressful ! Plenty of storage room for rucksacks on all trains but get in place to board early (use first class storage rack on Eurostar if required). We believe the Train was the best way to travel having discussed with many fliers, drivers and coach travellers to KISC. Trains were always on time in Europe and the staff all spoke English. The YP had comfortable seats and tables to play games on. They could group or relax together with the freedom to move – perfect. We assigned them in small groups to a Leader (ration 1:5 or 6) for quick roll call.

“In Paris, utilised the 24 hour freedom the Eurostar continuation ticket gave us to stay in Paris. The St Christopher’s Inn hostel (Beds & Bars group) was good for location and food. We reserved three 10 person rooms though two were small and very hot. Ask for rooms at the front of the building – larger. We used the 42 bus from Gare du Nord to get to the Eiffel Tower (2nd floor by stairs is affordable), then the Batobus on the river Seine to Notre Dame, walked from there to the Louvre (La Plage was on), then the 39 bus back to Gare du Nord and the Hostel. We brought breakfast with us; sandwich lunch at Eiffel tower; dinner at the hostel. We dropped off luggage in the cellar of the hostel before going on our city tour.”

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